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New Paris Magazines

English-language magazines and newspapers come and go in Paris. Sometimes they continue online only like the Paris Voice and Irish Eyes), other just disappear completely and leave ghost websites behind (The Paris Times). Of course, the FUSAC has been around for ages, probably because it’s just paid ads and announcements.

So it’s nice to see a new magazine that has actual content in it. It’s called, logically enough, Paris Magazine, and costs €4 at newsstands. This April/May issue includes articles on the American University of Paris, an interview with actress Leslie Caron, and the changing face of Paris (new architectural projects). There are other standards: events and expositions, shops, restaurants, and English-language resources in Paris (bookstores, etc.). The design still needs some tweaking (I hear they’re looking for a designer), but the writing is well done, and interesting whether you’re a visitor or a resident.

The other magazine I recently discovered is called “Welcome to Paris!” and is in English, French, German and Spanish. Which means that despite how thin it is, you really are only to read a quarter of it. Hmmmm. The N°0 edition has information and ads for job hunters. Personally, I don’t find this info helpful at all, and it’s not very well translated into English. It’s like reading a very long operator’s manual and still having no clue how to turn it on. Other ad sections follow FUSAC pretty closely: housing, services, personals, etc. On the plus side, it’s free.


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  • I really liked the issue of Paris Magazine I read last month. Lots of interesting articles and it seemed like it was really trying to cover the city in an intelligent way. It has been a long time since we have had a good English language magazine in Paris so I was glad to see it.

  • I picked up a copy of "Welcome to Paris!" when I was actually looking for FUSAC. It was a pretty disappointing substitute! As a (rapidly-losing-hope) jobseeker in Paris, I just didn’t find it useful. As someone who’s gone through the settling into Paris phase also, I can’t imagine it would genuinely help with the general queries a newcomer has. As you say Heather, a manual that doesn’t really help!

  • If only I had the talent!I’m not sure if you are involved in the project at all, and not having seen the magazine at all I’m in no position to criticise. I applaud the courage of whoever is launching new print media at the moment, but am curious about the intended readership.