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Musée du Fumeur
7, rue Pache, 11th
M° Voltaire
01 46 59 05 51

This tiny Museum of Smoking presents a practice as ancient as mankind while providing a vantage point for the observation of changing behaviors and practices.

Opening Hours: Daily except Monday, from 2pm-7pm. Closed January 1, May 1, the first week of January and the first two weeks of August.

Tickets: Entry to the museum is €2.

Free Entrance: Kids under 5.

Info and Services: Boutique and bookshop open free to the public.

Heather’s Notes: This is a very small “museum”, more like a shop that happens to have some cool art in it. And yes, the smoking of other leaves besides tobacco is explored here. Unfortunately, the awesome café they used to have in the backroom (where you could sip energy smoothies while staring at the psychedelic ceiling mural) has been converted into boutique space. Total bummer…

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