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Have You Seen the Five Euro Coin?

On September 1, 2008 the French mint launched the silver five euro coin into circulation. Supposedly there are two million of these silver coins around, but I have not seen one yet and didn’t even know they existed until I read a blog post about someone trying to pay with one, to much suspicion. You can reportedly get them at La Poste as change (maximum 3 per person). There are also 100 euro god coins in circulation since November 14th, but these are even more limited at just 15,000 minted, so don’t expect to find any left after collectors have hoarded them away.

If you’re interested in collecting interesting French coins you can shop around on the website of the Monnaie de Paris, where you can find all sorts of gold and silver commemorative coins and jewelry. A thoughtful gift in times of economic uncertainty. 😉


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  • After moving from Switzerland (which has 5-franc coins) to Munich, it took me months to stop automatically looking for 5-euro coins in my wallet and just accept the fact that 2 is as high as they go. It would be funny if now they started showing up.

  • You’ll most likely never run into one.These "special" coins (as well as those before and those after) are not new coins that will become normal coin that everybody will have but coins that are released in very limited number for numismatic collecting only. Sure, some are released on the market to give them a "real coin" status, but they never stay out there for very long, they are actively searched and hoarded by collectors.