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Doggie Luvvin’

My doggies were in need of their fix. Fresh dog biscuits, a chance to run around like Tasmanian Devils off-leash, permission to sniff butts and indulge in a barkfest. Yes, it’s a trip to Mon Bon Chien, the only doggie bakery in Paris. Here is a rare shot of them sitting still for a few seconds (they’re always ready for their close-ups!)


And since they’re old leashes and collars were so dirty and frayed (five years old, and having been subjected to many muddy forest outings), I succumbed to doggie parent guilt and bought them some new satin and nylon ones in fabu spring colors (gold for Pedro, powder blue for Lena, both with polka dots). Here they are,post visit, lounging at home with bellies full of foie gras biscuits and their snazzy new collars.


Aren’t they so fashionable! When is that Vogue Chien edition going to come out? 

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