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Protect your Metro Tickets

I have a Navigo pass, one of those annual magnetic passes that work on the Paris Metro/Bus/Tram network, but I usually have a few extra metro tickets in my wallet for tour clients and friends who don’t have one. Lately it seemed that almost all of them didn’t “work”. And yet they weren’t used. The last time I had to return an entire carnet of ten tickets that were demagnetized, and the cashier gave me a little pamphlet to read. Apparently this is happening a lot with the new tickets, which seem a tad more sensitive than the old ones.

To protect them, don’t put your tickets next to anything magnetic:

– mobile phone

– credit cards

– your Navigo pass or any other “swipe” cards

– the magnetic clasp on a purse or wallet

This doesn’t leave many places left, does it! If there’s a human at a ticket window, you can easily exchange demagnetized tickets for new ones, but often there isn’t, so take precautions.