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Free USB Charger at Paris Bus Shelters

new bus shelter

Paris has been steadily rolling out the sleek new bus shelters since the spring, and all 1850 of the old ones should be replaced by the early fall. Not only do the new AbriBus shelters (which are paid for by the billboard ad compay, JCDecaux) have easier-to-read signs, better digital signs displaying the waiting times, and free USB charger ports for when your gadget starts to lose juice (be sure to carry your charger cord with you), but some of them also have green rooftops, solar panels, and even touch-screen computers with searchable maps and nearby services and activities.

bus shelter

Not everyone is impressed. These are bigger, taller and brighter than the old ones (urban “eyesores” for some), and in order to allow wheelchair access some are only closed on two sides instead of three, which lets in more rain and wind. Here’s a detailed complaint on Slate.fr (en français). 


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  • Here in Valenciennes, in the wild north, we have waiting time panels at the major bus and tram interchanges, and all tram stops. Delays are also displayed. Pity they haven't rolled out further. Indispensable information, even for locals. Bon weekend biloutes.

  • The new big posted Paris maps are FABULOUS! Similar to London street maps with time averaged for distance walking etc. Much better designed and great for lost tourists. Too true about the weather element. I believe, just guessing, the button above the chargers will alert the driver you are waiting..not certain though.