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Planning Your Visit

What to Bring

  • Patience and an Open Mind
  • Documents (Passport, driver’s license, visa if needed)
  • Money belt (a good idea for peace of mind)
  • Photocopies/printouts for all Reservations (proof for when you encounter belligerent Parisians)
  • Batteries/memory cards/electric chargers (what you need may be unavailable or more expensive in France)
  • Converters/adaptors

    Any appliances (hair dryers, irons, etc) you bring from home will need a plug adaptor for the rounded two-prong French outlets (prises). Many hotels can provide these free of charge (ask in advance), or you can buy them at most airports for under €5. The standard European electric current is 220-240 volts. Most US and Canadian appliances are 110 volts and will need an electricity converter to avoid being fried (if small print on the power cord says “110-240v” then it doesn’t need the converter).

  • Medications (and the prescription for Customs)
  • Compact binoculars or opera glasses (to see stained glass windows up close; or the cutie on the café terrace across the street!)
  • One Formal Outfit (for diner in nice restaurants, ie: jacket and tie, dressy shoes, etc)
  • What to Leave Home (your preconceived notions and negativity)