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N’Importe Quoi Photo of the Week: From Rome with Love

Wolf statue

Paris is known for its rather graphic statues hidden throughout its many gardens. This one is almost covered by the leaves in the Square Paul Painlevé, in the 5th (right in front of the Cluny Musée National du Moyen Age).

It’s La Louve Romaine (The Roman Wolf), representing the legendary birth of Rome with Romulus and Remus being fed by the she-wolf. It’s a replica of a statue given to Paris by its official sister city of Rome in 1962. 

statue text

Can anyone translate the Latin inscription? (click on photo for larger image)


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  • Tres interessant! Alors, je suis une americaine et je trouve que l’art a Paris est toujours incroyable et nous offre ‘insight’ au passee. Merci pour la traduction!

  • These moments of ancient and medieval history make being in Paris so inspiring. Seeing the medieval foundations of Cluny and the Louvre is to travel through time.

  • This is the best I could do:To the faithful and loving oath that binds one city to the other.RomeHer awesome origin-story of the poor little twins. ParisHer citizens are presented this gift.3rd of June, 1962.

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