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Newsletter #96: January 2010

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* New Emmaüs Bric-à-Brac Store at Le Cent Quatre
* Supermarkets Open Sunday & Nights
* Automatic VAT Refund Machines at Airport
* An Alternative to Traveler’s Cheques
* Autolib’ is Here! 
* Nightlife News: Gioia at VIP Room and Changes at La Loco

* A New Kind of Restaurant Guide
* Green Paris Website
* Food Review: Maoz Falafel
* Organic Pet Food Shop Online
* Stravinsky Fountain Gets a Facelift
* Bikes Allowed Both Ways on One-Way Streets
* Freemasons Museum Reopens
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New Emmaüs Bric-à-Brac Store at Le Cent Quatre

Emmaüs, the non-profit charity which collects and resells old clothes, appliances, furniture and kitchenware, has opened the first of ten new Emmaüs Bric-à-Brac stores at Le Cent Quatre (104 rue d’Aubervilliers, 19th), the community arts center up by the Parc de la Villette. A great way to get some cheap, useful things for your pad, while helping Emmaüs create social reinsertion jobs for those in need. Open Wed-Sat 3-6pm.

Supermarkets Open Sunday and Nights

More and more Parisian boutiques and clothing stores are staying open on Sundays, but for most of us who live here, it’s the supermarkets that we miss the most. Now there are a few dozen Franprix and Carrefour Market shops open Sunday mornings or up until 10pm or mid…

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