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Newsletter #222: September 2021

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Coming to France? Latest Covid Updates for Travelers

If you’re planning on visiting France anytime soon or even already booked your trip, you’re probably aware that we’re not out of the Covid weeds quite yet. Over 70% of the adult population is now fully vaccinated in France (and 45% of kids 12-17), where those with the Pass Sanitaire can pretty much go about life “as usual”. Getting the Pass Sanitaire if you were vaccinated outside of the EU has only been possible since mid-August, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs processing applications on a rolling basis based on your arrival time in France (those already here got theirs first). So it’s a bit of a nail-biter if you’re waiting. In the meantime, on Monday the EU removed the Unites States (and Israel and a few other countries) from the “safe list” of travelers because of the spiking Covid infection rates. It’s now up to each member state, including France, to decide if they will refus…

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