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Newsletter #91: April 2009



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From Heather’s Desk

Despite one glorious day where I took my dogs for walkies without my jacket, April has been mostly showers and chilly winds that make the spring blossoms (and not a few Parisians) look a little haggard. Crossing fingers for a toasty summer! Not that I’ll be working on anything other than my monitor tan. Secrets of Paris has grown to enormous proportions, so I’m going to be splitting it into several smaller sites, particularly to separate the “Paris Insider” information you find here in the newsletters from the more generic “Travel Resources” I’ve been adding over the years for visitors. I will also be putting all of the resources for writers living in Paris on one new site, and resources for green/ethical/sustainable living in Paris on another. So please excuse any disruptions to the Secrets of Paris site as I begin tweaking. And I do welcome your input on any changes you think I should make to the site (keeping in mind it’s still…


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