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Newsletter #90: March 2009

Paris rooftops


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From Heather’s Desk

My little brother is in Paris, here for two weeks. It’s his first trip to Europe, so we’ve been visiting all of the traditional sights like the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Arc de Triomphe. We also got lucky enough to enjoy a picnic with friends on the banks of the Seine on the one warm day we’ve had so far this month. Barely recovered from his West Coast jetlag, he got to enjoy a very non-touristy experience: the “bisous” (air kisses given in greeting, one on each cheek). In my defense, I forgot to warn him, but the look on his face when all of the ladies at the picnic came at him, lips puckered, was priceless. I think he handled it pretty well. Of course, being a guy, he only has to deal with kisses from women. We ladies have to kiss *everyone*, lol! – Heather

New Dining Reviews

The Secrets of Paris Posse continue writing about their favorite restaurants around Paris in the


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  • To answer some emailed questions…Regarding the "bag of centimes", those are Euro coins, not French Franc coins, which are no longer worth anything. Regarding the "Troc de Prems", some readers report being sporadically asked for ID with the tickets, so buyer beware. Another reports using a Eurostar ticket with a man’s name on it (she’s obviously not a "Jim") with no problem.