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Newsletter #85: August 2008

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* La Rentrée is here! *

While Americans are taking one last long weekend for Labor Day, tomorrow life starts again for the French. It’s back to school and back to work for those who escaped in August. Although the city doesn’t really “close” anymore like it used to in August, it definitely slows down, especially for those of us trying to get any real work done. But the renewed energy of the Rentrée more than makes up for the crowded metro cars (and the fact that everyone has a tan but me). Don’t miss the calendar of events to see all of the upcoming events, starting next weekend with La Parisienne 6k race and open house at the newly restored College des Bernardins. Expect general traffic mayhem when the Popemobile makes its way around the Left Bank during the visit of Benadict XVI the weekend of the 12th.

* Meet the Parisians *

It used to be hard to find ways to mingle with the locals, but now there are so m…

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