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Newsletter #83: June 2008

vintage Paris photo


* Announcing Heather’s New Guide
* The Bad News: Paris Metro Rates Rise Again
* The Good News: There are Still Bargains in Paris
* Heather’s Ten Paris Picnic Tips
* Secrets of Paris Summer Intern
* Responsible Shopping
* Afternoon Tea in an Artist’s Atelier
* Sales & Chic Shopping
* Cocktails on the Seine
* Secrets of Paris Reader Wants to Trade Maps
* My Friends’ Parisian Adventures
* Free Massages
* Own a Little Piece of Paris without Going Broke
* Aveda Facials in Paris
* Fashion for a Cause
* Sightseeing for Indiana Jones Fans

* Announcing Heather’s New Guide *

After three long years, my “Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City” is finally a reality! Books are being shipped from the printers (on the proverbial slow boat from China) as I write this newsletter. The official launch is September 15, but if you’d like to get a signed copy – and get it a month before it’s available in stores – you can pre-order it directly from moi on the Naughty Paris website. You can also see the book trailer and order a free chapter on the site. Have a peek and let me know what you think! – Heather

PS: There are only 2000 books being printed for all of the US and Europe, so get yours before they run out!

* The Bad News: Paris Metro Rates Rise Again *

Oh là la, the price of Parisian metro/bus/tram tickets are going up again July 1st at the rate of 3%. Individual tickets will then be €1.60 each, and “carnets” of 10 tickets…


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  • I’m with Daniel on this one. I’ve run into more than my share of filthy bathrooms in Paris. Purell is perfectly fine if your hands are not visibly dirty. That antibiotic resistance business is incorrect. Oh, and I’m a Princeton grad, not that it has any relevance here.;-) Love the site btw!!

  • I completely share your distaste for Purell. Not only does it stink (and fail to actually remove any schmutz that might be on your hands), it probably adds to the problem of antibiotic resistance as well. I was almost (almost!) sad when my boys were out of diapers, as I no longer had an excuse to keep a supply of diaper wipes at the ready…P.S. I, too, am a Carleton grad, as is my sons’ pediatrician (who agrees with us…)

  • LOL! Hey, who are you calling a slob? No one is supposed to know I’m writing this in my pyjamas and flip flops! ;)But seriously, no matter how gross any public restroom may be, hot water and soap beats out Purell anyday. It’s basically alcohol and a "moisturizing" film…which probably wouldn’t taste any more disgusting on fresh French market produce than the crap that covers our veggies at the supermarket back home. You know, I think I’d prefer baby wipes to Purell for cleaning hands when there’s no water around (or a French restroom phobia). 😉

  • Clearly I can’t defend the actions of all the slob Americans (we’re all slobs, right?) that you observe making the horrifying choice of using Purell on their hands instead of going into a typically less-than-sanitary restroom in Paris to have their hands come into contact with only God knows what. However I think we share common ground that the idea of rubbing fruit with Purell is indeed FREAKY man! LOL.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I see Americans in restaurants "cleaning" their hands with Purell instead of going into the restaurant’s bathroom to use soap and water. A feel-good substitute for proper hygiene sure sells a lot of hand sanitizer. "Strange" that you would use it to clean hands when you have no way of cleaning the food you’re eating on a picnic. 😉

  • I’m curious as to what you find so "strange" about Purell. No, you wouldn’t eat a piece of fruit rubbed in it (I think that would hold true for many substances). However it’s very convenient for sanitizing hands (particularly helpful with children) when there’s no soap and water to be found. I’m just not sure where the "strange" part comes in? 😉