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Newsletter #81: January-February 2008



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* Heather’s News *

So far 2008 has started off on the right note. I finally have a cover for the Naughty Paris Guide after 81 different versions submitted by the design team in San Francisco (!!) and this week I was interviewed about the guide for Playboy TV’s new series debuting in the spring called “69 Sexy Things to do Before You Die” (Paris being one of them, obviously). Dad is proud…and probably relieved that I’m fully clothed!

* Customer Service at Last? *

The French government, who gets a large portion of my income, was kind enough to promptly return my €116 TV tax (which pays for public television in France ) when I wrote a letter stating I didn’t have a TV. Automatically deposited back into my bank account, isn’t that nice? And, for the first time in the 11 years I’ve been here, the RATP (Metro/Bu…


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  • Received your latest newsletter on my return from guess where ? PARIS !!!My wife and I had a great time with a long weekend break having used your site and others to do the planning and find an appartment hotel. Have you reviewed and experienced Polidor on Rue Monsieur le Prince. Had a memorable evening with some traditional French cooking.

  • My new book "A Paris life" ( google G. Thomas Thornton "A Paris Life), the story of an American expatriate family in Paris in 1947, links past and present in the restaurant scene(Edith Piaf at Drap D’Or, now Rasputin, Albert Camus at Les Assasins now Lapin Agile, and Sartre at Deux Mazggot, Dome, Flore, etc.) All were friends of the author. Critics have said "It never oversteps, never overstays but provides a rich tableau …rich insights."