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Newsletter #77: March 2007

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* Heather’s News
* 24/7 Package Delivery Pick-Up
* Useful Info for Americans in France
* Free WiFi at the Palais de Tokyo
* Reserve Your Parking Space at the Airport Online
* Getting Your RER Ticket Into Paris from Roissy-CDG
* Bureaucratic Progress!
* Info People Suck
* Learn to Make Your Own Chocolates
* Bundle Up if You Go to the Grand Palais!
* Free Contemporary Art Tours
* Free “Rencontres” at the Opéra Bastille
* How to Make an X-Wing out of Two Metro Tickets
* Own One of the Most Famous Café Chairs in Paris
* French Porcelain
* Champs Elysées Shopping Map
* Multi-brand Designer Boutique
* Cheapie Car Rental
* Discount Luxury Shopping Online

* Heather’s News

There are flowers in the gardens of the Place d’Italie. They smell very nice, too. Throughout the balmy month of February, I watched the buds grow and then finally open up one warm afternoon (it was in the 50s!!) Today is not particularly warm. It’s been raining, windy and grey. But it’s not exactly cold either. I can’t see my breath. I don’t have to wear gloves. My heat isn’t working again but I don’t really think its cold enough to bother the concierge about it quite yet. So winter seems to have lasted about two weeks this year (unless you include that freak winter month of August). Why does it seem that I start every newsletter with the Weird Weather Report? Better question, why is the weather always so weird? Is Al right? Are we doomed? Hard to get too concerned when the flowers are blooming. Enjoy the weather while you can, because who knows what tomorrow will bring! – Heather

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  • Hello Heather,I have been reading your BLOG 4 hours in a row tonight.Meanwhile I have forgotten all my current to-do’s.It was worth it!Thank you & keep up the good work.Lex van BuurenBike-A-Round Paris.