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Newsletter #75: November 2006

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* Heather’s News
* Four Stylish Hotels Under €200
* Sightseeing: It’s an Aquarium, it’s a cinema!
* Nightlife: Live Musical Acts to Get You Moving!
* News: Famous Squat Moves House
* Discount Designer Shopping
* News: Getting Around Gets Easier
* Seine-side Entertainment
* Practical: Parking in Paris
* World AIDS Day
* Shop to Save the World
* More Holiday Solidarity
* Entertainment: Chilly Holiday Fun
* Two Interesting Photo Websites
* December Events on the Calendar

* Heather’s News

/paris-resource-guide/entertainment-home/This somewhat belated November issue (I know some of you won’t see it until December) comes to you direct from my old stomping grounds on the French Riviera! I meant to send this out earlier today, but there’s something about sitting on a sunny terrace in jeans and a t-shirt on the last day of November (and lots of sunblock) that makes it hard to get anything productive done. Good thing I’ll be back in the city by Saturday! Not that Paris has been much colder. When I left yesterday I still didn’t need a hat or gloves or winter coat. We had one week of cold back in October, then it got all mild. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a bit odd. And makes me worried about how long winter will last when it does come (last year it didn’t get cold November 1, but didn’t warm back up until July). In case you think I’ve been slacking, I’ve started the Nightlife and


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