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Newsletter #74: October 2006

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* Heather’s News
* Activities: Music & Drama Classes
* Activities: Choir and Orchestra Now Recruiting
* Activities: Volunteer Vacation at Historic Restoration Sites
* Café & Dining Reviews
* Getting Around: Latest News
* Adventure: Voyageur Noir Cultural Tours
* Getting Here: Between Paris and Switzerland or London
* Free English-language classifieds
* Home Entertainment: DVDs Delivered to Your Door
* Health & Fitness: Sexy Fitness Club
* Health & Safety: Where There’s Smoke…or Not
* Nightlife: Getting on the List
* Shopping: Beer Boutique & Gourmet Salt
* Shopping: Fauchon’s 120th Birthday
* Make A Difference! Learn CPR
* November Events on the Calendar

* Heather’s News *

In case any of you were wondering where the September newsletter went, it was on vacation with me! But I’ve been busy since returning this month with hotel reviews for Fodor’s and Eurocheapo, some of which you’ll see in the Resource Guide shortly (okay…probably January). October has been gorgeous, and even though it’s raining now, it’s still not cold enough to need hat and gloves. Perfect weather for exploring Paris ! Over the next few weeks there will be a lot more changes to the website, and the newsletter, too, starting with this one. From now on the Secrets of Paris newsletter will also be sent out as a blog entry so that all of you who prefer to use RSS Readers instead of reading e-mail will be able to get your monthly fix. I just got out of the dark ages myself and finally set up …

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