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Newsletter #73: August 2006

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* Heather’s News *

Why is it that I feel like I start every newsletter out the same? Maybe from now on you can all just assume two givens: I’ve been super busy, and the weather has been super bizarre. I stayed in Paris this August because I had so much fun last year (see the archive: http://www.secretsofparis.com/63-august-2005) and I thought it would be a great time to relax, work on my website, and enjoy plenty of picnics at the open-air cinema and free concerts at Paris Plage. But nooooooooo…..like a big ol’ dork, I took on a guidebook updating assignment at the end of July that was due the end of August, therefore pretty much guaranteeing I’d be in front of my computer for at least half of every day this month.

And then there was the weather. I only had four tours this month, but every single one of them was under a downpour. It got so chilly at one point that I had to go unearth my hat and scarf and fall coat from storage (and put the fan back in until next summer). Totally not cool, especially aft…

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