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Newsletter #71: June 2006



* Practical: Métro Info
* Entertainment: Filming on location in Paris
* Sightseeing: Quai Branly Museum Opens
* Dining: Déli-Cieux at Printemps
* Dining: Frascati closed
* Nightlife: Free Pyrotechnic Show
* News: ZURBAN is finished!
* Practical: How hot is too hot?
* Shopping: Marché d’Aligre
* Sightseeing: Marilyn Monroe Exhibit
* Humor: Guide de la Séduction
* Shopping: Cute Bags!
* Shopping: Timeless Dresses
* Sightseeing: Rome and Paris
* Nightlife: Dancing on the Seine
* Check out the Calendar

* From the Home Office *

So it’s summer now in Paris, technically, but aside from two days where I had to use the fan, it sure doesn’t feel like it! But while it might seem odd to be wearing a jacket in June, I can recall at least three of the last four summers where it hasn’t really heated up until mid-July. So pack accordingly if you’re visiting this month! I’ve been more active on the blog and calendar lately, so I thought I might tweak the format of this newsletter (yes, again) so that there are shorter entries with links to the more detailed blog entries (and photos). I see many of you have subscribed to the RSS feed, which is a great way to get the updates to the website and blog without having to worry about your spam blocker deleting the newsletters. Thanks to everyone who has sent in suggestions and tips to add to the growing Resource Guide, it’s all very much appreciated! – Heather

* Practical: Métro Info *

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