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Newsletter #70: May 2006

Paris rooftops


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* From the Home Office *

I just got back earlier this week from New York with a cold and a ton of e-mails to sift through, but have been determined to get something out for Memorial Day. Without the usual sales, tailgate parties or three-day weekend to distract me from the actual reason for the holiday, I have to admit that I get all sentimental on Memorial Day, and make it a point to visit a few of the many American memorials around Paris. Last month I took a visiting couple to the American Military Cemetery in Suresnes, when the trees were still bare. We were looking at the guest book, which makes it clear that a majority of the visitors are not American, but French. Their comments make it immediately clear that they are not “ungrateful”. The woman in the visitors’ office asked if we’d like to see the original guest books, dating back to the years just after WWI, when the cemetery was inaugurated. Many of the first visitors were the American GIs who had come to bury their fellow soldiers. Their com…

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