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Newsletter #68: March 2006



  • News from the Home Office
  • Smoke-Free Hotels
  • Budget Hotels
  • Dining Recommendation: Le Parisien
  • Food with Feeling: Wine and Fooding Tour 2006
  • Takeout & Delivery Recommendations
  • Sightseeing: New Paris Museum Pass
  • Sightseeing: Asian Film Fest
  • Nightlife: DJ Wannabes
  • Nightlife: Unusual Jazz Venue
  • Responsible Shopping
  • Responsible Dumping
  • Décor Help for the Hopeless
  • Get Involved
  • Activities: Medieval Arts Sketching
  • Free Garden Entrance
  • Arts & Entertainment: Unusual Art Gallery
  • FYI on New Telephone Numbers

* News from the Home Office *

I’ll bet you all thought I forgot about the March newsletter, eh? Things have been busy, busy, busy at Secrets of Paris HQ, but I stayed home this Saturday just so I could give you all your fix.

AND….the new website is finally up! I’ve moved all of the info from the old Secrets of Paris onto the new host site. I’m still in the process of entering information into the new Resource Guide section of the site. As soon as it’s finished (I’m hoping by mid-April) I’ll be changing the URL over to www.secretsofparis.com (the old site will stay up until I do). So go ahead and have a look around and do let me know if there are any dead ends, bad links or other glitches and misspellings (my space bar sticks sometimes). I’ll be sending out another brief e-mail when the site is officially “up”.

If you’re curious about the “riots” (really, they’re protest marches; the thugs causing trouble are a very small percentage, a few hundred out of milli…

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