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Newsletter #67: February 2006

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  • From the Editor
  • Nightlife: Man Ray is now…Mandalaray!
  • Nightlife: (Almost) Free Concert Tickets
  • Sightseeing: Rodin Museum Chapel Reopened
  • Shopping: Custom Belts and Buckles
  • Shopping: Cool T-Shirts
  • Eating & Drinking: Brunch or Tea at Hôtel Daniel
  • Fun Job!
  • Food & Drink: Night Delivery
  • Art: Original Photographic Prints
  • Practical Info: Free Toilettes
  • Accommodation: Cheap Hotel Website

* From the Editor *

Lots of exciting things happening this month, and February’s so short I thought I’d send out the latest newsletter before it sneaks past me completely! Here at the Secrets of Paris I’ve *finally* added a page for my 2006 tours to the website in an attempt to get the bugs in the text worked out before the new site design is implemented (any feedback welcome!). 

I’ve also started two new blogs (it’s just so easy these days…): the first one, Secrètes de Paris, is a bit of a photo tour where you can see what I’ve been up to around town (yes, the title is an attempt to differentiate it from the newsletter…un peu). 

The second is a very special blog, a sneak preview of our fun new guidebook (written with the help of partner-in-crime Carolyn Heinze ), “Naughty Paris: The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad in the City of Light ”.  Spread the word (to mature audiences only, s’il vous plait)!

And, as usual, don…

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