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Newsletter #66: January 2006

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* From the Editor
* Museum Re-Openings
* Museum Pass
* More Museum News
* Dead Website
* Big Changes at Place d’Italie
* China in Paris
* Practical: Taking the Train?
* Too Cheap to Take the OrlyBus?
* Paris-Paris Nightlife
* Drinking and Dining: But Mostly Drinking
* More Drinking and Dining: (Slightly More) Affordable Haute Cuisine
* Rockin’ in France
* Shopping: A Different Kind of Gallery

* From the Editor *

Happy Chinese New Year! My two pooches celebrated the Year of the Dog with another harrowing trip to the vet to get their teeth laser-cleaned (Pedro’s breath, in particular, was getting unbearable) and, for Little Lena, the removal of some suspicious bumps. They turned out to be harmless cysts, but for a week she gets to look all punk with her scattering of surgical staples (the “cloutée” look is in this season, of course). January is pretty much gone, but the sales are still going strong, fashion week is over and the Salon de la Lingerie is just getting started (tune in next issue for a behind-the-scenes peek and what you’ll be wearing under your spring frocks). And yes, I know I promised the new website would be done, but alas, all good things take time. February is looking pretty mellow on the work front (what, nobody wants a tour of Paris in freezing weather? Sheesh…) so, fingers crossed, some great things will be happening soon. In the meantime, don’t forget …

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