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Newsletter #64: September 2005

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* From the Editor
* Practical: New Night Bus Service!
* For Residents: Figuring Out Cheap Phone Service
* Cultural Adventure: Olivier Opens the Wine Loft
* Shopping: Sherry’s Groovy Tees
* And Human Black Jack
* On the Nightstand: Heather’s Book Selection
* Bye Bye Café Banal
* Drinking: La Grimace
* Practical: The New Paris Times
* Cultural Adventure: Learn to be a Star!
* Food: Issues with Coconut
* Fashion & Beauty: French Manners
* History: Paris at the Time of Philippe Auguste
* For Residents: What to do with your Old Portable Phone
* Books and Wine and Chocolate Cake
* Heather’s Tours

* From the Editor

Yay! It’s fall! And it actually feels like a good one, not too hot, not too cold, not too wet. But just enough that it feels like the fun of the summer is over. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but time has escaped me again and the new website format *still* isn’t finished! I’m currently updating guidebooks for three different publishers. One for the French Riviera, so I’m taking a little “break” and heading down south for a week to do a bit of fact-checking, a bit of hotel inspecting, and a lot of parking place hunting. I’ll be taking my new toy, I mean laptop, to see if this whole WiFi thing works or not. I figured I’d better finish this newsletter first! Don’t forget to check on upcoming events in the Calendar.
– À la prochaine, Heather

PS Thanks for all of the great feedback on the last issue! More photos on the website edition!

* Practical: New Night Bus Service! *


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