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Newsletter #63: August 2005

vintage Paris photo


* From the Editor
* Only Five Days Left of Paris Plage!
* Hiking High-Jinks
* As Exciting as it Gets (in the 13th Arrondissement)
* Lunch at Bar de L’Entracte
* La Samaritaine is Closed
* Teachers: Don’t Forget Your ID
* Think Paris is a Great City?
* Upcoming Events
* A Paris Poem

* From the Editor

And now for something completely different! Breaking with the traditional format, this month’s special edition of the Secrets of Paris Newsletter features photos, including photojournalistic coverage of the thrilling 2nd Annual Palais Royal Midnight Regatta. Thought Paris was dead in August? Ha! Get with the 21st-century. And don’t forget your sun block! -H

* Only Five Days Left of Paris Plage

Have you made it to Paris Plage, yet? Waiting for your own personal invitiation? Sure, endlessly circling for an open chaise lounger is like looking for parking place at the mall on Christmas Eve, but it’s free! Even the half-hour massages are free, and you can make new friends while waiting two hours in line. If you’ve been burnt to a painful shade of lobster on the New England shore like yours truly, then wait for the sun to go down and c…

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