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Newsletter #62: July 2005

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* From the Editor
* Absinthe Boutique
* Doggy Tour
* New Metro Ticket Prices
* Paris Eats
* Louvre Art Online
* Chateau de Villette
* Swimming In the Nude
* French “Work Ethic”
* I’m Famous!
* PS: Security Issues

* From the Editor *

Tonight it’s blissfully cool in Paris, raining off and on. Not a great start for the annual open-air cinema festival, but a relief for those of us who are a bit tired of sticking to sweaty metro seats. I was lucky enough to spend the last week in June guiding six lovely and talented women around town for Cynthia Morris’ week-long Paris Writer’s Life workshop. Despite the stifling heat and humidity, spirits remained high, and it was really inspiring to see how the city, despite the cliché, still feeds the creativity of writers after all these years. One of the hardest challenges for a guide is bringing history to life so that it isn’t just a monotonous list of names, dates and architectural styles.

Unfortunately most tourism information in Paris is sterile and minimalist. Visitors could pour over every inch of the Musée de la Vie Romantique and never know that George Sand …

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