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Newsletter #6: March 2001

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* Brunch in the Jardin *

It seems almost unnatural that a café in the center of one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris would actually be affordable, but Pomone in the Tuileries is just that. Escape the crowds, the car exhaust fumes and the noisy sidewalk terraces. Enjoy a light lunch or evening snack under the green trees. Don’t forget the sunglasses and Sunday Times!
Pomone, Jardin des Tuileries, Metro Tuileries (Louvre exit). Cafe 10ff, sandwiches 30ff.

* They Finally Get It Right *

It’s nice to have prepared gourmet meals delivered to your house. It’s decadent to have someone iron your shirts and clean your windows. But time is the real luxury, what would you pay to have someone else stand in line with your papers at the Prefecture …

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