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Newsletter #53: October 2004

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* (Rant) From the Editor
* Breaking News: My New Neighbor
* Budget Dining in Paris: Heather’s latest restaurant recommendations
* Free T-Shirts from Expatica
* Free Soirée Invites
* Paris Writers
* Accommodation: Paris Hotels Under €100
* Shopping: Rare Souvenir
* Sightseeing: Palais de Tokyo Hype Gallery
* Practical: WiFi Hotspots
* Practical: Annual Transportation Pass Discounts
* Entertainment: Local Music
* Entertainment: Theatre in English
* News: Smoke-Free Paris?
* News: More Covered Passages to be Renovated
* News: Pink TV
* Free Vacation Planning (not)

* (Rant) From the Editor *

Less than a week until Election Night! And before you start wondering what this has to do with Paris, let me tell you that the excitement and anticipation can be seen all over France: support marches, political debates, endless articles, news shows and radio commentary on what will happen. This is big news in Paris, whether you’re American or not. I’ll be watching the results come in live at the AARO (Association of Americans Residing Overseas) party this Tuesday from midnight until 6am, with both Democrats and Republicans in attendance (call 01 53 83 78 27 ASAP if you’d like to attend; €75 includes buffet). According to the famous Straw Poll at Harry’s Bar (only wrong once in the 70s), Kerry is ahead. Woo hoo! I hope all of you Americans reading this are excited — and participating — too, no matter where you live. I got one email this month from a US reader who thought I was debasing my newsl…

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