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Newsletter #52: October 2004

vintage Paris photo

Inside this Issue

* From the Editor
* Democratic Action in Paris!
* HR Giger Expo
* Garden Tours
* WICE Events
* Halloween at Disneyland
* Historic Bank Opens its Doors
* A Week of Foodiness
* Cinema Festival
* Chocolate à Go Go!
* International Music (That Doesn’t Suck)
* An American Pastry Chef in Paris
* Artisans Open Workshop Festival

* From the Editor *

Some of you may have noticed that the SecretsofParis.com site and calendar haven’t been updated lately…that’s because my web host has had a meltdown and haven’t quite got their act together (it’s name2host.com, in case you were wondering). So after dealing with spotty e-mail service and the ongoing inability to update my site, I’m moving to a new host tonight. I’m going to attempt to combine this site with my other one, RivieraWriter.com. Cross fingers! Everything may be down again for a few days (the support call center folks are very nice, but sometimes this techie stuff is way over my head). Luckily this newsletter isn’t hosted by completely incompetent people, so I’ll fill you in on what’s going on this month (please pass it on to those who aren’t subscribed; who knows when it will make it on the website), and try to do a second newsletter later this month. Paris was gorgeous for a few blissful days last week, but alas now it really is fall. If you’re incoming, be sure…

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