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Newsletter #44: March 2004

vintage Paris photo

* From the Editor *

After packing up the car during a rare snowfall on the French Riviera, Mr. Heather and I arrived in Paris in one piece on March 1 after driving all night. The last three hours were unfortunately done during the morning rush hour from Fontainebleau to the center of the wholesale district in the 3rd! We managed to get everything up to the studio without getting a parking ticket, and are now trying to settle back into hectic Parisian life. Pedro and Lena (the doggies) are enjoying the new smells, and even though it’s freezing outside (more snow flurries last week), I think they prefer it to the heatwave we had in Paris over the summer. One glitch so far: I’ve only got computer access through Internet cafés until next month, and it seems that my web server lost about two weeks worth of my e-mails. So if anyone has recently sent me a mail, resend it, I’m not ignoring you! -H

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