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Newsletter #38: September 2003


* From the Home Office *

I’m so in the doghouse! First off, apologies to the people who asked me, back in the spring, whether it was necessary to get a hotel with air-conditioning in Paris for the summer. I recommended they forget the A/C, and in case of emergency, go and buy a cheap oscillating fan. My punishment came in the form of a power outage in the middle of the night in the middle of a record-breaking heatwave this August. The oscillating fan keeping me alive in our tiny rental flat suddenly turned off at 2am. A few moments later, the alarm on the shop below up went off. And continued wailing for three more hours. Luckily, all the buildings in our neighborhood that lost power during that night were hooked up to generators by the next evening (and my ice cream in the freezer survived). As an Arizonan, you’d think I’d be used to heat. But the French are of the opinion that air-conditioning spreads colds, and their old buildings just have no room for them, so the only relief…

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