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Newsletter #37: June 2003

vintage Paris photo

* From the Home Office *

I was up in Paris on June 11 trying to get to the Hotel Crillon on the Place de la Concorde for an appointment with the Ecole des Fleurs (mentioned in the newsletter this month), but unfortunately the French workers and teachers on strike decided to hold a big ol’ demonstration that day. I didn’t take the metro because there were only 1 in 3 running and it was rush hour, meaning that even if I had the time to wait, I would get squeezed into a sweaty metro car full of annoyed commuters. I got a taxi as far as the Pont de la Concorde but the French riot police were not letting cars or people pass over into the square. Apparently things got out of hand when a few anarchists decided to pull up the paving stones (to throw, I guess), and the police launched tear gas to disperse the crowds. When the police tried to make arrests, a few of them ran into the Opera Garnier in the middle of a performance and asked the audience to protect them. How did it end? I’m not su…

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