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Newsletter #28: July 2002


* From the Home Office *

After moving house, buying a new computer (the old one was so old it was actually creaking) and finally getting the internet connection sorted out, the Secrets of Paris is back! The newsletter has doubled in size over the past four months, which is pretty amazing considering it’s only word-of-mouth that’s promoting it at the moment. Thanks to everyone who has passed it along to their friends and family! Stay tuned for big changes coming in the fall: the Secrets of Paris website, with access to my Paris Hotlinks Guide: about 1000 Paris websites (hey, I’ve been busy the past few months), sorted, classified, and with a description of exactly what you’ll find on the site to cut down on time wasted surfing. For now, enjoy this month’s extra long newsletter, and, if you’re lucky, Paris in the August! -H

* Paris Plage *

You have to see it to believe it: Paris has a beach! The quays of the Seine have been closed off fro…

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