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Newsletter #24: April 2002

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* From the Home Office *

Is France racist? Hmmm…the question has been popping up all over the press ever since the unthinkable happened last week when right wing extremist Le Pen beat out the current Prime Minister Jospin for one of the coveted spaces on next week’s presidential election ballot (May 5th). The other candidate, incumbent President Chirac, will most likely win, but to make it to the final position, Le Pen had to beat out 17 other candidates. It was going to be a pretty ho-hum election up until now. For you Americans out there, it would be a bit like Rush Limbaugh winning the Republican Primaries (and before you go and say “You can’t compare Le Pen to Limbaugh!”, yes I can, and Al Franken will back me up). So back to the question: are the French racist? These election results don’t answer that question, though. The only thing this…

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