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Newsletter #21: February 2002


* From the Home Office *

Maybe some of you are wondering why I don’t write this more often. It’s not, I assure you, from lack of things to write about. Unfortunately, yours truly is suffering from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), tendonitis and tennis elbow. Lots of horrid things, all in my right arm. When I first felt that stinging pain in my fingers, I joked about my ‘mouse arm’, named so because it’s from all the surfing around and editing/layout/translation I do wit mouse in hand all day long. So, I’m not allowed to be on the computer too long, and I’m making my osteopath rich. Which brings up another point. This is free, which is why you get those stupid ads from Yahoo! Groups in return for neither you nor I paying a cent. But I would like to do more, and get us onto a website where you don’t get pop-ups in your face. So here’s a question for all of you loyal re…

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