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Newsletter #207: July 2020

Paris rooftops

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* Who Can Travel to France?
* Recommended Reading & Virtual Event: “French Like Moi: A Midwesterner in Paris”
* Video: Lockdown in a Travel Business with Dr. Monique Y. Wells
* Summer Events in Paris
* No Ball, but the Firefighters of Strasbourg Say “Merci!”
* Pickpocketed in the Metro? Tourists Can Now File Complaints Directly in the Station
* Reserve Your Cheap Parking Place in Paris
* Latest Political News
* Recommended Documentary: Some Other Paris
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I’m sure you’re all as shocked as I am that we’re already past the halfway point for 2020. For Americans waiting anxiously to find out when France will open its borders, time probably seems to be at a standstill. But here in Paris things are moving so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Today the French government announced a change of Prime Minister, summer events in Paris are filling up the July calendar, and…the Secrets of Paris website finally moved into its new home! It took over eight months just to migrate 20 years of content to the new “secure and mobile-friendly” platform. But the intention wasn’t just to make the site look pretty, so for phase two I’ll be going through the content itself with a fine-toothed comb to bring everything up to date. Please excuse any messiness you might encounter while having a look around; “vitrine en cours” as they say here in France. 😉    

Who Can Travel to France?

Since July 1st France is open to any…

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