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Newsletter #206: June 2020

Rose Garden Jardin des Plantes

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* Paris in the Green Zone!
* Paris Restaurants Can Serve Inside
* More Museums & Monuments Open
* Latest Public Transport News
* International Travel
* Support Black-Owned Businesses in Paris
* Calling All Blood Donors!
* June 20th is World Refugee Day
* Looking for Some LIVE French Entertainment?
* The Best French Movies for French Learners
* Recommended Podcast: “Cooking for One”

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Paris in the Green Zone!

Last night President Macron announced that all of mainland France is now in the Covid-19 “Green Zone” thanks to “everyone playing their part to stop the spread of Covid-19”. The virus is still present, so masks are almost uniformly required everywhere you go indoors, but with the progressive reopening of restaurants, bars, museums, monuments, open-air markets, department stores, parks, cemeteries, flea markets, hotels, and – in a week – cinemas and schools, life almost feels back to “normal” in Paris. There are some pretty big losers, though: major concerts, cultural shows, summer festivals and sporting events are still not allowed. And without visitors from the US, China and Brazil allowed in anytime soon, it’s hard to see how the tourism industry will be able to recover the losses from spring’s lockdown. The question on everyone’s mind: how long will it take for the French economy to recover from the pandemic…assuming that it doesn…

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