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Newsletter #205: June 2020

park in Paris

In this Issue

* Deconfinement in Paris: Phase Two
* Many Terraces Open
* Some Open-Air & Green Spaces Open
* Some Museums Open, Others Opening Soon
* Article on Five Art Galleries
* The Easiest Way to Escape Paris for the Countryside
* The Arc de Triomphe Will Be Wrapped Despite the Death of Christo
* Recommended Podcast: Articles of Interest #7 – A Fantasy of Fashion
* StopCovid App Is Ready
* A Few Changes in Paris Public Transport
* Choosing the Right Fabric Mask
* In the News: Black Lives Matter

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Deconfinement in Paris: Phase Two

While Paris and the rest of the Ile-de-France département remain “Orange”, the rest of mainland France is “Green” and the number of new patients admitted to the hospital or placed on life support continue to go down each day (229 and 33 new cases, respectively) with the current total of 14,028 people hospitalized in France and 1253 on life support for Covid-19 as of June 2nd. We’ve got a heatwave moving in (it was 87°F in Paris yesterday), just in time for public parks and café terraces in Paris to finally reopen.

Many Terraces Open

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