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Newsletter #201: March 2020

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In this Issue

* Coronavirus Issues
* Land & Monkeys Boulangerie in East Paris
* Upcoming Culture Secrets Events
* Recommended Reading: Drinking French
* Sense Eat: Healthy Italian Dining in St Germain des Prés
* Le Grand Quartier near Canal St Martin

* Vintage Upcycling Boutique
* The Easiest Way to Send a Registered Letter through La Poste
* Frigos Solidaire: Zero Waste for a Good Cause
* How to Vote from Abroad for US Citizens
* Recommended Tours

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Coronavirus in Paris: Plan Wisely

I don’t need to rehash what you’re already hearing in the 24/7 news loop, but in case you missed it, there are now over 200 cases of Coronavirus in France, including three in Paris. The government has cancelled several events such as the Paris Half-Marathon and many trade shows where thousands of people would be gathered in the same space, while workers at the Louvre have used their “right of withdrawal” in case of dangerous working conditions to shut down the museum for the past two days. More closures could be possible, including public transportation (although after the fall strikes, Parisians are pretty used to walking and cycling now). It’s up to each person to decide whether to travel to Paris or not, since we all have different circumstances to consider and risks to weigh. Perhaps more visitors will finally discover the joys of exploring Paris outside the crowded “Top Ten” tourist spots, including tiny boutique h…

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