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Newsletter #197: November 2019

Conciergerie at night

Inside this Issue:

* 1999-2019: Twenty Years of the Secrets of Paris
* From the Archives: The First Five Years
* It’s Your Turn! What Can Secrets of Paris Do Better?
* Recommended Reading: The Seine by Elaine Sciolino
* Recommended Dining: Les Résistants
* If You Go: The Louvre’s Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition

* #ExploreParis Off the Beaten Track: Guided Tour of Little Africa
* Plan Ahead for Winter Holiday Tours
* Recommended Website: French Musician Museum
* Recommended Service: Izi by EDF
* Good to Know: Earth-Friendly Burial in Paris
* For Fun: Dionysos’s Music Video “Le Chêne”
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1999-2019: Twenty Years of the Secrets of Paris

I had always planned on being a journalist, but Paris was originally a brief detour, not the end goal. Secrets of Paris was simply a way for me to keep writing during those early years living in France, and in many ways this labor of love is what eventually made it possible for me to make a permanent life here. It’s hard to believe I still enjoy digging up and sharing the city’s secrets two decades later, but I’ve found that being curious and looking for the little joys keeps me from ever taking my life in Paris for granted. I’ve never pretended it’s a perfect place, but if you know where to look, Paris never disappoints. I also have all of YOU to thank for your encouragement and loyalty even when life interrupted the monthly newsletter schedule. If you’ve ever wondered how I started Secrets of Paris, read all about its humble beginnings and evolution over the past twenty years (embarrassing Web 1.0 photos i…

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