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Newsletter #186: February 2019

snow in Parc de Choisy

Inside this Issue

* From the Editor
* Chantilly’s Private Princely Apartments Reopening
* Plantes pour Tous: Affordable Houseplants, at Last!
* Secret Recordings of 1940 Armistice on French TV
* Paris’s Sunday Roller Skate Still Going Strong
* Where to Find Naughty Paris
* The App for Parisian Habitués
* Free Nights at the Louvre
* New Entrance for the Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages
* Where to Get an Authentic Thai Massage in Paris

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From the Editor

If you’re not in Paris, you probably want to know if we’re in the middle of another French Revolution. Images on the TV look horrific, and there have certainly been injuries and even accidental deaths among the clashes with authorities. But most of the protest marches and street blockages have taken place in peace, and Parisians go about their Saturdays (the Gilets Jaunes protests are on Saturdays) with minimal interruptions to shopping, eating out, or taking public transport (avoiding the Champs-Elysées and whichever square the protesters finish their march). Keep in mind less than 1% of the population have joined the protests nationwide (and those numbers have halved since the start of the movement in November). As I write this, France is in the middle of a

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