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Newsletter #184: December 2018

Paris cafe

Inside this Issue

* From the Editor
* On-Call Movers Service
* Volunteering in Paris
* A Good Deed for Those in Need: Le Carillon
* Co-Working and Hot-Desking in Paris
* Le Kiosque du Métro
* Bob’s Café at MK2 Bibliothèque
* Recommended Reading: Ernest Hemingway
* Food Cheri: Good Food Delivered
* New Cozy Spot: Treize au Jardin at Luxembourg Gardens

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From the Editor

Okay, things have heated up in Paris since last month’s newsletter, as I’m sure you’ve all seen on TV (and no, I don’t mean the weather). Colleagues visiting from out of town were more surprised at how calm Parisians seemed about the Saturday rioting on the Champs-Elysées during the Gilet Jaune protests than the tear gas and burning trash cans outside their hotel near the Arc de Triomphe. Whether for or against the politics and the violence, Parisians have seen pretty much everything since the French Revolution, so you may not get more than a resigned shrug if you ask how they’re dealing with the Saturday protests (spoiler alert: there’s another this Saturday). For those visiting, keep an eye on the news and take locals’ advice about any areas that should be avoided. Paris is a big city, and people have lives to lead, so don’t expect the whole town to shut down because of a few broken shop windows. As usual, check out t…

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