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Newsletter #181: December 2017

Holiday lights Champs Elysées

Inside this Issue:

* From the Editor
* Recommended Reading: Les Marchés Français
* 2017 Parisian Marchés de Noël
* Graffiti & Street Art Museum
* Luggage Storage & Transfer
* 100% Made in France
* Christmas Tours: Paris & Versailles
* Moving in Paris: Bureaucracy Shortcut

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From the Editor

We’ve already had our first snowflakes here in Paris, although now it’s mostly just overcast and spitting cold rain. But despite freezing temperatures, Paris is stunning with its holiday decorations. My old tour guide secret for surviving on frozen cobblestone for hours at a time? Toe Warmers (found at any sporting goods store) and a thermos of hot chocolate. And maybe a wide-brimmed hat so you don’t have to carry an umbrella. As usual, you can find the latest updates on Facebook and the Secrets of Paris Calendar. Stay warm and enjoy your holidays in the City of Light! – Heather

Recommended Reading: Les Marchés Français

“Four seasons of French dishes from the Paris markets” includes regionally inspired recipes by Canadian-born chef Brian DeFehr and beautiful photos by Pauline Boldt.

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