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Newsletter #169: February 2016

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Inside this Issue

* Can You Trust Any Travel Writing? 
* Insider’s View of the Paris Food Markets 
* The Flags and Symbols You See in Paris
* Alternative Fashion Week Event
* Classes in Chocolate & Pastry Shops
* Online Shopping for a Good Cause
* France in the Press
* Secrets of Paris Calendar
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* Can You Trust Any Travel Writing? *

This is a topic we’ve been discussing here at Secrets of Paris for the past few years as we try and help our readers and tour clients find the most useful and reliable information when planning a trip to Paris. Unfortunately, despite the flood of freely-accessible travel writing, websites, guides and magazines, there is still an overwhelmingly depressing amount of inaccurate, outdated, or clichéd click-bait to wade through for the good stuff. To address this, last fall I started a column for Medium called “Choking on a Macaron” about issues in the travel industry. The first article questioned the “authenticity” of Ladurée’s macarons, and this week’s article is an in-depth exposé of TripAdvisor’s questionable business pr…

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