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Newsletter #167: January 2016

Bercy Park

Inside this Issue

* Secrets of Paris Travel Writing Workshops
* Parisian Beekeeper Turns Honey into Gold
* A Unique and Innovative Paris Restaurant 
* Free Tours with Heather for Do-Gooders
* Recommended Podcasts for Francophiles
* False News Alert: The Doggy Bag Law
* Valentine’s Special for Paris Lady’s Guide
* How to Green Your Paris Neighborhood
* Capture the WOW Creativity Adventures
* Green Taxis and Cheap Student Taxis

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* News from Secrets of Paris HQ *

Cold wind and freezing rain in Paris this week, but the winter weather makes it so much easier for me to stay inside and get some writing done. I hope you enjoy the latest articles on the website, which will give you a little taste of the new direction Secrets of Paris is taking this year (I’m not kidding this time!). The new tour descriptions should be up on the site in two weeks, but in the meantime don’t miss the chance to snag a spot on one of the 2016 Paris workshops for writers and other creatives listed below. Last year wasn’t an easy one for Parisians, but there’s still much to be hopeful and excited about here in the City of Light. As always, heartfelt thanks for letting me share that with all of you! – Heather

* Secrets of Paris Travel Writing Workshops *

Ever dream of living the travel writer’s life in Paris? After over a year of plotting and planning, fellow Parisian …

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