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Newsletter #164: December 2015

Disneyland Paris Christmas

Inside this Issue

* Holiday Volunteer Opportunities
* Choking on a (Ladurée) Macaron
* Musical Theatre and Comedy in English
* Elections in France
* Uber Alternatives in Paris
* Airport Harassment by Illegal Chauffeurs
* Paris Yarn Shops and a Knitting Café
* The Future of Green Paris
* On-Demand Movers
* Paris Events Calendar
* Free Paris Consultation for Do-Gooders
* Discount on Paris Museum Tours

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* Back in Paris *

After five weeks traveling around the US visiting friends and family and stuffing myself on pumpkin spice everything, I’m finally back home in Paris, which is blissfully sunny (helps the jetlag). Despite my best intentions, the November newsletter never happened, although I did manage to get a bit of writing done while on the road. For those of you who start going into withdrawal when I miss a newsletter, don’t forget you can also see daily Secrets of Paris updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A grand merci to everyone…

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