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* How Parisians are Helping Refugees – and so can you!
* How to Find Your Perfect Hotel Room in Paris
* New Budget Coach Travel to French Cities from €5
* New French Law Makes it East To Change Insurance
* Painlessly Navigate the Journées du Patrimoine
* France in the News
* Secrets of Paris Winter Wonderland Experience
* Paris Events Calendar
* About Heather & the Secrets of Paris

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* How Parisians are Helping Refugees – and so can you! *

With hundreds of refugees arriving in Paris each month, many are forced to live on the street while waiting for city officials to arrange temporary housing. Unable to stand by watching these people try to survive in miserable conditions, Parisians have decided to take matters into their own hands by helping refugees themselves, either independently or through local charities. In an unprecedented show of solidarity they are bringing them food, clothing, medical supplies, sleeping bags, tents, and anything else they can offer, including simply sitting with the refugees over coffee and croissants to listen to their stories. This article outlines the four main ways everyone can help, including a comprehensive list of local charities and support groups working directly with refugees in Paris. Read more…

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