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Newsletter #16: October 2001

vintage Paris photo

* From the Home Bureau *

I got off the plane at Charles de Gaulle at noon and needed to catch a TGV at Gare de Lyon at the end of the afternoon. Not enough time to stop in Paris for any great length of time, but no reason to rush. So instead of the dreary RER, I took the Roissy Bus to the Opéra and Bus 20 from there to Gare de Lyon. In all, it was just under two hours for the whole journey in lunchtime traffic. But what an amazing fall day! There’s something about the crisp air in autumn in Paris that does something to the sunlight. The city looks radiant. The people look radiant (happier, anyway). A good day in October beats a good day any other time of the year hands down, as far as I’m concerned. None of the crabbiness and eternal snuffles of winter, none of the rain and mushy dog poo of spring, and none of the stinky polluted humidity of summer. In fact, not much can ru…

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