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Newsletter #159: August 2015

Pont des Arts

Inside this Issue

* Video: Helping Tourists Avoid Travel Scams
* There Was No Baguette Crisis in Paris
* Where to Buy Unique Art Prints in Paris
* Last Weekend for Late Notre Dame Tower Visits
* Paris Tours with The Gay Locals
* Heather’s USA & Canada Fall Book Tour
* Video: A Special Stuffed Animal Shop in Paris
* Register Now for Affordable Fall Classes

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* Former Paris Policeman Creates Videos on Avoiding Travel Scams *

Like any large city, Paris has its fair share of scammers, pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Visitors don’t need to be paranoid, but being aware of the most common tactics used by thieves will help you be prepared in case they decide to target you. Safety Scouts Advice is a series of animated videos created by former Paris policeman Christophe Gadenne to help visitors to Paris and other big European cities avoid becoming victims. Read more…

* There Was No Baguette Crisis in Paris *

Summer is winding down and most Parisians will be back from vacation by Monday, but unlike the American and British visitors, the locals won’t be asking those of us who stayed here over the month of August if we “missed our baguettes because all of…

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